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    Eupepsia Advanced Healing Health Retreat

    Deep dive and immerse yourself in a personalized wellness experience that will take your health to deeper level of understanding.

Personalized Retreats tailored to your needs:

Advanced Healing Retreats

Eupepsia Advanced Healing Program uses the latest research in health and wellness combined with the oldest medical science of Ayurveda to find, through detailed screening, the root cause of your imbalances.

Following the results of these assessments, our team of practitioners creates an intensive personalised program, which includes specialised and unique therapies to restore your body, mind and emotional balance. 


  • Thorough understanding of own body, mind and emotions
  • Relief from various health conditions s
  • Improvement of inner balance
  • Revitalisation and energy gain


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Healthy Meals:

  • Daily delicious, balanced, healthy vegetarian meals, prepared across a variety of cuisines and sourced organically, including from our greenhouses

Screening & Assessments:

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Ayurvedic Body Type Analysis
  • Infrared Full Body Analysis
  • Iridology Analysis
  • Individualized Therapy Plan

Therapies & Wellness:

  • Enjoyment of the Wellness Spa facilities: Endless Stream Hydrotherapy Pool, Underwater Treadmill, Halo-therapy Himalayan Salt Chalet, Jacuzzi, Hydro Spa Bikes, Heated Stone Lounge Chairs
  • 3 Therapies per night booked from the Eupepsia Wellness Menu in accordance with the Individualized Therapy Plan


  • Use of the state of the art Functional Training Gym equipment
  • Group fitness sessions: Queenax Functional Training Classes, MoveStrong Circuit & Cardio sessions
  • Use of the Sports Game Hall and Indoor Climbing Wall


  • Group Yoga (as per the Resort Schedule)


  • Group outdoor activities: Guided Group Hikes and Nature Walks across a variety of scenic trails
  • Evening indoor and outdoor activities: Outdoor Fireplace, Indoor Movie Screenings, Eupepsia Games Evenings
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Wellness Retreat Packages for Parents

Relax & De-stress

The Eupepsia Relax & De-stress Retreat is the perfect retreat for people with active minds who are easily stressed, feel anxious and suffer from difficulty in falling asleep or light sleeping...

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Rejuvenating Cleanse

The Eupepsia Rejuvenate & Renew Retreat is a very powerful and effective program for complete regeneration and revitalisation inside out with far reaching health and rebalancing benefits...

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Weight Management

For people who always wondered why some people eat what they want and never gain a kilo whilst some others eat salads the whole day and are not able to sustain the weight they would like to have...

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Healthy Detox

Eupepsia unconventional Healthy Detox Retreat is tailored to each individual and their body type and focuses on physical as well as emotional and thought detox. For people who experience low energy...

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Fitness & Recovery

Eupepsia specialized Fitness & Recovery Retreat is tailored to professional and every day athletes and team needs. It focuses on helping them meet their fitness performance goals...

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Bespoke Wellness

Eupepsia’s Wellness Retreats are designed to help you savor the Eupepsia experience at your own pace. Come and enjoy the property, its state-of-the art facilities and group workshops...

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Advanced Healing

For individuals with specific health or wellness needs, Eupepsia offers a personalized Advanced Healing Retreat based on extensive screening and assessments leading to an...

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