Health Retreats

Eupepsia’s mission is to recreate a state of balance innate to each person to help to reawaken the inner intelligence necessary for reaching each person’s highest potential.

Drawing on the science of Ayurveda, combined with the most advanced health therapies, technology and research on nutrition and balance, Eupepsia customizes its health rebalancing programs to each person’s bio-individuality, health condition and personal goals, for optimum benefits, following an initial health and fitness assessment.

Select from different choices of retreats to suit your needs:

Specialized Health Retreats


For people with active minds, who find themselves easily stressed, who experience anxiety, have sometimes...

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Relax & Renew

The Eupepsia Relax & Renew program is very powerful and effective program for a complete regeneration...

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Weight Management

For people who always wondered why some people eat what they want and never gain a kilo whilst some others...

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Healthy Detox

Eupepsia unconventional Healthy Detox program is tailored to each individual and their body type and focuses...

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Leisure Retreats

Savor the Eupepsia experience at your leisure: come and enjoy the property, its state-of-the art facilities and group classes, sessions and other activities without subscribing any of the Eupepsia health retreat packages. Or, enhance your Eupepsia experience and enjoy some of the Eupepsia advanced therapies and see the benefit for yourself.

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