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Manage your weight to manage your life – part iii

More and more people are becoming addicted to living on the edge, going from one extreme to another, without realizing that this is the root cause of their continuous emotional roller coaster, their instability and insecurity.
They need to feel alive, especially when they feel dead inside. So they go from pleasure to pleasure, not realizing that they are actually signing up to a vicious cycle of pleasure and pain. What they don’t know is that they manage their life in the same way that they manage their weight: yo-yo gaining and losing weight.
The solution lies in understanding the problem. In fact, living in a world of extremes is actually running away from the center, from our center, from who we really are, and this is the main reason for our conscious or unconscious distress. In order to bring balance back into our life and reconnect with our center, it is very important to understand the extent to which food plays a significant and vital role.
Those fad diets that lead you to an extreme relationship with food are in fact creating an imbalance that is negatively affecting all aspects of your life. Empower yourself to get out of this destructive cycle, because you need and deserve to nurture yourself and your health to achieve your highest potential.

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