Let’s rethink health – part I

On the heels of the season of giving and receiving, it is important to understand that there is a very close correlation between the way we eat and the way we give and receive in our life, resulting in either poverty mentality or prosperity consciousness.
When we eat more than what we need, we create stagnation, greed, blockages and the energy stops flowing in the proper way. The digestive system will be overloaded and ultimately break down. Our psyche will shift and become greedy in life, always wanting to get more and more, and finding ways here and there to cheat the system, to fulfill our ever growing desired objectives, resulting in a huge karmic debt and poverty mentality.
But on the other hand, eating less that what your body needs will have the same end result, because your mind is restraining your body from its daily need by not giving it the right nutrition and care, causing an impasse in the alchemy of giving and receiving, thus negatively affecting the digestive system and rejuvenation process, first at a physical level but very soon at an energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels as well.
The outcome of such extreme behavior leads to major blockages, resulting in poverty mentality that will affect ultimately all aspects of your life, starting with the physical body, blocking the good absorption of food.
As a result, the list of intolerances will increase for each individual to a point that they will end up being very scared of food itself - eating fewer and fewer choices until serious health problems will surface, making them feel bad and hopeless.
This is the new eating disorder of the century: it’s called orthorexia nervosa, where people, on their way to wanting to become healthier and healthier, affect dramatically their physical, mental and emotional bodies; an obsession which could lead to death.
It is important to rethink the way of health. Health is not deprivation; health is balance. A balance that makes you feel good not because of how the physical body looks, but because you feel good at all levels, and even more so inside.
Prosperity comes from a balance that is unique for each individual. A balance cannot be the same for two different people. Each person, depending on the characteristics of their body type, will need to understand how his/her body functions, and give it what it needs to be healthy, thus allowing the energy to flow smoothly and opening the door to prosperity consciousness.
And that’s ultimately the purpose of Eupepsia, to make you find your own balance through health management in order to achieve your highest potential.

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