The Science

Eupepsia aims to infuse the science of digesting life for the purpose of helping everyone reach their highest potential. The highest potential is manifested in the ability to manage time and energy, to enhance the power of concentration, to transcend hindrances and to experience joy on a continuous and consistent basis.

While any imbalance starts at a certain level of our being, it rapidly spreads throughout and manifests either as a physical symptom, a decline of efficiency, a drop in energy or a change in mood, resulting in the fall of our spirit, preventing us from reaching the realm of ultimate possibilities.

The Eupesia team will coach you to reclaim your energy, which is trapped in the wrong places, and to invest it consciously in the right places so it will ultimately work for you rather than against you.

Our Philosophy

Today, more and more people are disconnected from their body’s inner intelligence. It is an era of information where everyone knows a lot but no one is able to integrate this information into knowledge and experience. As a result, it seems that the more we gather information the less we are able to make a connection.

It is time to reawaken our inner intelligence and let our own experience guide us to make a difference in our life.

It is time to change our approach to health, and to redefine how science can play a role in integrating different perspectives towards a holistic life-empowering experience.

With that, Eupepsia’s priority is to create an inner order and a state of homeostasis, while addressing everyone’s own bio-individuality at different stages of our lives.

Eupepsia in ancient Greek means ‘good digestion’, which sits at the heart of any healthy and purposeful life. Good digestion starts at the level of the digestive tract, but doesn’t stop here. We eat with our five senses and consequently, digestion needs to happen at all these levels: emotional, mental and physical.

This is why Eupepsia offers health treatments, coaching and consultations as well as tailor-made plans and programs focused on lifestyle changes unique to each body that help to bring back health, balance and joy, ultimately unlocking our highest potential.

Eupepsia also taps into the pharmacy of life, designing therapeutical blends from all natural ingredients such as spices, fruits, herbs, roots, vegetables and grains… to revive our natural rhythm and restore our inner harmony.

One Voice Integrated Medical Approach OVIMA

Eupepsia applies the One Voice Integrated Medical Approach (OVIMA) for the diagnosis and treatment of various health problems. In the Employing and applying, Eupepsia's approach on integrating modern Western medicine with ancient Eastern health science. Working hand in hand, this approach is designed to bring back our inner intelligence, moving from simply implementing health prescriptions to going through a powerful personalized experience and sustained long lasting health benefits.

BIPA Approach

The Balancing Integrated Postural Alignment (BIPA) Approach consists of a series of programs and treatments that are developed by our multi-disciplinary team, working in collaboration to align the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the body and balance the body’s energy for optimal health.

Through this approach, each person benefits from a comprehensive approach that empowers him or her to digest and assimilate life, and unlock their highest potential at all levels of the self, enabling them to be energetic and healthy.

As a result, Eupepsia helps people to experience a long-lasting joy that doesn’t depend on their external environment.


With Eufit, a made-to-measure fitness program that respects the different body individuality of each person, Eupepsia offers holistic training programs for people who desire to stay fit, under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist, personal trainer, clinical dietitian, senior health coach, emotional intelligence instructor and yoga teacher in collaboration with other Eupepsia specialists. The Eufit programs are tailored to adults, children as well as for Corporate Wellness Programs.

Our Partners

Theo’s Point was created by Theo, with the help of Eupepsia, to help people recover their inner intelligence and reconnect with themselves through food and through changing their perspectives on life

Theo provides the finest tailor-made meal plans, adjusted to people’s needs and their bio-individuality.

Theo’s main purpose is to serve people’s deepest needs; to help them break away from the status quo of their own life; to motivate them not to take no for an answer and not to surrender to what was not working for them because they thought they had no other choice; to get them to look deep inside to see how much impact is food having on them, even though sometimes it’s easier not to see; and to encourage them to find the solution that is right for them.

Theo uses the perfect marriage between science and philosophy to bring a state of balance, joy and homeostatis to everyone’s life at a time when people are looking for answers.

Theo’s way will be to take people through a step by step adventure that is fun, exciting and unusual.

The first step of his adventure is communicating trough food. Being a foodie himself, he knows this is the basis for everything.

In collaboration with the most advanced labs and biomarker companies worldwide, Diagnostika offers the most advanced biomarkers for investigation of complex chronic disease conditions and provides genetic risk panels to determine inherited risk for cardiovascular, diabetes, bone disease risk as well as some cancers. Both physicians and individuals also have access to a wide range of nutrition and metabolism tests to determine nutritional imbalances and deficiency/excess.

LaLiga High Performance Center is a state of the art professional center staffed by high caliber team and UEFA certified coaches who train and coach top football talents in the UAE, selected by LaLiga scouts and serves as a training ground for future national, regional and international pro-footballers.

du Football Champions is an umbrella platform that hosts the UAE Schools Cup and the UAE Streets Cup, an annual football tournament targeting boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 17 years old from 200 schools across the UAE as well as those who play football outside of their schools.